The following are a selection of photographs that were held in the museum. They depict Officers who trained during WW2 in either RADAR or WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY either at HMS COLLINGWOOD or the SIGNAL SCHOOL which was situated in the Dockyard (in the vicinity or RNDQs - now the RM Band Headquarters) and which was originally an integral part of the HMS VERNON, the torpedo school. In 1941 the SIGNAL SCHOOL re-located to HMS MERCURY, Leydene in 1941.

  Many were photographed by Wright and Logan of 1A Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire, and all have a photographer's number on the back of the photograph card onto which the print was mounted.

  Additionally, there were other photographs which recalled days gone by in HMS COLLINGWOOD. Also included is a small file, hardly relevant here, but once written there wasn't an obvious place on the site to put it. Communication Officers Training in the 1950s

  If you think that you know a face and you wish to have a copy of the photograph then please get in touch with the Curator. He will tell you the cost and the procedure involved. The money received will be used to bolster our frugal funds

  To start off, the story of ELECTRICAL TRAINING which pre-dated HMS COLLINGWOOD can be found here Electrical Training

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GG Class

HH Class

Y Class

FF Class

Z Class

Lt Course
Jul to Dec 1944

VV Long Radar Course
Aug 1945

UU Long Radar Course
Jul 1945

TT Class Long Radar Course
May 1945

9 L 23 Course

9 L 21 Course

9 L 26 Course

R 35 Class

33 L 27 Course

R 37 Course

33 L 12 Course

9 l 19 Course

9 l 17 Course

9 l 16 Course

SS Long Radar Course
Aug 1945

RR Radar Course
Mar to Oct 1945

QQ Radar Course
Jan to Sep 1945

NN Radar Course
Sep 1944 to Apr 1945

33 L 10 Course

33 L 11 Course

RCC 26 Course

R39 Course

3B Course

3C Course

33L26 Course

? Course

WW Long Radar Course

XX Long Radar Course

YY Long Radar Course

ZZ Long Radar Course

RCC XVI Course

RCC XV Course


RCC XIV Course

KK Radar Class

JJ Class

II Class

9L15 Course

Foreign Trg Course

Signal School Course

R35 Course

RCC XI Course

RCC XII Course

RCC 26 Course


S/LTs RNVR Course

L31 Course

S/LTs NS Course

GL 10 Course

GL 11 Course

Long Course 5

Long Course 6

9L28 Course

9L20 Cours

9L23 Course

9L21 Course

33L7 Course

33L4 Course

33L24 Course

33L17 Course

33L19 Course

33L15 Course

33L16 Course

33L22 Course

33L21 Course

33L18 Course

Radio Conversion Course

U2 FAST Course

U1 FAST Course

U3 Sub Lt's Course

UI Course

U1 Normal Course

Midshipman (L) U3

RCC 29 Course

RCC 27 Course

RCC 25 Course

RCC 24/24A Course

RCC 23 Course

RCC 22 Course

RCC 21 Course

RCC 10 Course

RCC IX Course



RCC VII Course

RCC VI Course

RCC V Course

RCC IV Course

RCC III Course

RCCII Course

National Service 12 Course

MM Radar Course

EE Signal School

RNVR National Service 6 Course

CEO(R) Course


33L9 Course

33L25 Course

Collingwood WRNS

Collingwood WRNS

Wartime in Collingwood

Wartime in Collingwood

Collingwood WRNS

WRNS and Sisters

Kings Squad

Collingwood Colours

Collingwood Colours

Cdre Sedgwick

Collingwood Wartime

Collingwood WRNS

Captain and Grandees

Rule Britannia

Collingwood HOs

Guard of Honour

Collingwood WRNS

33L13 Course

WR 648 Course

WR 64A Course

WR 63C Course

WR 63B Course

WR 63A Course

WR 68D Course

WE 68C Course

WE 68A Course

WE 67D Course

WE 67C Course

WE 67B Course

WE 67A Course

WE 66 B2 Course

WE 66 B1 Course

WE 66 A2 Course

WE 66 A1 Course

WE 65B Course

WE 65A Course

SD(C,E) 68 Course

SD(O) 51 Course

SD(O) 47 Course

SD(O,E) 43 Course

SD(L) 21 Course

SDR 18 Course

SDL Course

SDR 17 Course

SDL 16 Course

SDL 19 Course

SDR 19 Course

SL 1 Course

RCC 19 Course

RCC 20 Course

ON 1 Course

OE No 2 Course

NS 4R Course

ME 63A Course

ME Course No 4

ME Course No 3

LRE 16 Course

LRE15 Course

LRE14 Course

LRE13 Course

LRE12 Course

LRE10 Course

LRE 10 Course

LRE8 Course>

LRE6 Course

Long Course 15

Long Course 10

Long Cours 9

Long Course (Cambridge)

DSL 3 Course

CSL 4 Course

CSL 2 Course

CSL 1 Course

CSL1(2) Course

CLR 3 Course

CLR 3(2) Course

CLR 2 Course

SRE 9 Course

ME 63A Course

ME Course No 4

ME Course No 3

LRE 16 Course

LRE 15 Course

LRE 14 Course

LRE 13 Course

LRE 12 Course

LRE10 Course

LRE10 A Course

Officers Conversion Course

HMS Collingwood 1969

Collingwood Apprentices

Collingwood Apprentices